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5 Job Ad Mistakes That Can Attract Wrong Candidates

job ad mistakes
Jill Wells
For Clients

Job advertising has become a modern art form. A three-sentence paragraph will no longer suffice to attract quality candidates. Potential applicants need to be informed and impressed – but what happens if something goes amiss with the advert?

Job ad mistakes are pretty common. A missing word in the job title or irrelevant information can mean attracting the wrong type of job applicant to the role and can result in a repeat of the lengthy recruitment process.

Here are five job ad mistakes to avoid

  1. Missing vital job details

Skipping on an important word such as ‘legal’ in a legal secretary role could be the difference between attracting several experienced candidates, and receiving hundreds of applications from people with few relevant skills. Be specific about the job title and the experience needed, and always proofread your ad before publication, and you will be more likely to attract high-quality candidates who possess the ideal skills and abilities required to effectively do the job.

  1. Failure to state your specific location

A job advert should have a specific location, rather than a general reference to the wider city area. For example, if you say “outside the city” and you are 40 minutes away from the CBD, you could attract lots of candidates from the other side of town who ultimately can’t commit to a long commute every day. Adding the specific location will eliminate any issues of ambiguity about the commute to and from work, and help to avoid repeating the recruitment process.

  1. Not considering legal consequences

Does your ad inadvertently imply that only men should apply? Perhaps you’ve made reference to a “young and energetic team,” which might suggest that older people should not apply? The Australian Human Rights Commission warns employers to be careful of avoiding direct or indirect discrimination when writing job adverts, as this could land you and your company in hot water and mean disaster for your firm’s reputation.

  1. A lack of basic company information

A job advert is not only a way to find new employees – it’s a way for you to sell your business to potential talent. If you are secretive about your business and don’t include any details, great candidates could skip the advert because they prefer to know who they are applying to. Include some basic details about the firm, your mission and the type of culture at the company.

  1. Outlining unrealistic expectations

Let’s face it – there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but you could dissuade good ones from applying if you are too rigid about your needs and wants. Stating that you need an employee with three to four years of experience in sales may discourage great employees with just one to two years of experience from applying because they don’t feel sufficiently qualified. If in doubt, consult a top-quality recruitment agency, who can help you write a great advert that attracts the right candidates.

Don’t leave the advertising process to chance. Avoid these five job ad mistakes, and find the best person for the job first time around.

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