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How To Write a Job Description

Jill Wells

Occasionally, an employer looks to employ new staff to bring in fresh ideas or to acquire a particular set of skills. If you are a business owner and you wish to attract the best talent in the market, hiring the best candidate adds economic and social value to your company. So, how do you attract the best?

It is certainly not easy. Australia employs more than 12 million people each year. With more than 30,000 job listings each hour, your job description must be compelling and stand out. Keep reading to learn how to write an outstanding job description.

What Is a Job Description?

A job description is a document that outlines job requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills required for a specific role. The document helps applicants determine whether their skills match the role.

A well-written job description communicates employers’ expectations of potential future employees. It should also include basic essential company details, namely, information about the company’s vision, culture, and mission.

How to Write a Job Description

A compelling job description brings out the reality of the role, adding a drop of marketing to present it attractively. To appeal to top talent, include the following:

Use a Clear and Specific Job Title

The job title is the opening section of your job description. It is the first thing prospective candidates see, and that is when they decide whether they are interested. Remember to use accurate and precise phrases that describe the role well.

The key is not to be too generic. If you are looking for a “digital content creator”, do not use the term “digital marketing specialist”. You will likely attract the wrong people and miss out on qualified candidates.

Job seekers search for jobs using the title of the position they are interested in. Specify whether you need permanent or temporary staff.

Company Description

When you communicate who you are as a company, include the mission, vision, and values. Remember not to write an essay about it. Make the statement short, about two to four sentences.

The description should offer a glimpse of your firm’s culture and operations. Do not stray far from industry language. People can get discouraged by the terms they are not familiar with.

Create a Job Summary

It is important the job summary speaks to the candidate directly. It should begin with a statement that describes what you are looking for. The best thing you can do is to summarise the candidate’s position and role in one or two sentences.

The job summary should also offer an engaging overview of the job. How does the position contribute to the company’s objective? The goal here is to communicate where the role sits within the company.

Roles and Responsibilities

Outline the responsibilities of the candidate in bullet points. The list should be concise, however, offer comprehensive details. Emphasise specific roles or projects you want the candidate to lead. Mention the time frame you need the employees to work, including flexible hours, if applicable.

Do you want to go a step further? Create a visual description of a typical day at work. Let the candidate know what exactly to expect. Include the deliverables for each action. Indicate who the job reports to and how the candidate will function within the firm.

Qualifications and Skills

Each job requires some level of skill, experience, education, and certification. Make the requirements as well as “nice-to-haves” clear. Specify both soft and technical skills, including years of experience or number of projects completed.

Keep the list precise. Bear in mind that setting too many qualifications may dissuade potential candidates. Finally, clarify the requirements for application. Would you like to see their resume, CV, cover letter, video recording, or a portfolio?

Describe Employee Benefits

Explain both short-term and long-term employee benefits such as bonuses, insurance, training, and mentorship you offer. What should the candidate expect if they are successful?

Use a language that helps the candidates envision themselves benefiting from the position. Remember, this is an important selling point for your company. You need to stand out against other job listings. Competent candidates seek opportunities that match their needs.

Remember, job hunters, consider the overall employment offer. Although the benefits package may be attractive, salary remains an essential aspect of every job. Evaluate the market rates to avoid setting a salary range that is too low.

Disclaimer Statements

Include an equal opportunity employer statement to help promote fairness. Reinforcing inclusivity in the job description builds your brand’s appeal. Also, indicate whether the staff member is required to perform additional tasks beyond the description.  


Location is an essential detail commonly ignored by employers. Candidates must consider commute time and relocation efforts if need be. Help the candidate determine if they are interested before investing too much in the application process.

Call to Action

Specify where the candidates should apply for the job. Include the timelines and other critical application details. Do not make the calls to action complex. You want to avoid confusing potential candidates.

Your Job Description Should be Readable and Up to Date

You may do an excellent job in creating a job description but fail in making it visually appealing. The font type, size, organisation of content should be reader-friendly. You can additionally improve readability using bullet points, short paragraphs, and concise sentences.

Do not forget about your job posting. If the job roles and responsibilities expand, update the job description. Explaining to a candidate during an interview that the requirements have changed does not make a good impression.

Attract the Best Candidates with a Great Job Description

You only hire the best people for the job by attracting the most skilled potential job candidates. Let the job description work the magic for you.

You do not have to be an expert to do it right… but it is easier if you are. Writing job descriptions requires expertise and knowledge. Partner with expert recruitment agencies to learn how to write a job description and save both time and money. WellsGray Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Melbourne. We offer competent recruitment services across all business support requirements. Since 1998 we have had a strong reputation for providing temporary, contract, and permanent staff. For unique and compelling job descriptions, contact us with inquiries.

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