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How Temp Work Can Boost Your Job Prospects

Jill Wells
For Candidates

Are you keen to land that perfect job, but don’t feel you have the experience or contacts to be successful in your search? Temp work may be looked down on by some, but it can be extremely useful if you’re looking for work, particularly if you have been out of the workforce for a while, or are trying to break into a new career.

With tough financial times around the globe, many employers are turning to contract or temporary staff to meet their needs. Hiring temporary employees can help businesses save costs on employee benefits, and give them a flexible pool of workers that they can draw from as and when required. As an employee, temping can give you a broad range of experience, enable you to work for different organisations, and make contacts, which can all help you find a permanent job in the future.

If you are looking to change careers, temping can give you a commitment-free way to try out your new role or industry before taking on a permanent job. Experience temping is better than no experience at all, and it can help you keep your CV fresh and current, particularly if your previous experience is not relevant to your new career.

Temping can also provide you with valuable flexibility, particularly if you are trying to juggle multiple demands, such as studying or family commitments. Temp jobs can often be part-time and of short duration, which means that you can take time off between assignments if necessary without damaging your relationship with your employer.

Temping has a lot to offer, whether you are a recent graduate, you’ve taken a career break, or you want to start a new career. Even if you are currently between jobs, temping can help you bring in some money, while gaining valuable skills and contacts.

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