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How to Hire the Right Administrative Assistant

Jill Wells

Your business often suffers when you try to overly multitask by wearing different hats and trying to perform all roles. All it may take to reduce the workload is to hire a competent administrative assistant.

Administrative assistants are indispensable members of staff. After delegating the heavy workload to them, you’ll find the time to brainstorm creative ideas.

The administrative side of any business is usually task heavy, which can involve record keeping, meeting scheduling, appointment booking, content creation, or a number of ad hoc tasks and projects.  These duties are all crucial for your business growth.

However, what happens if you are doing them all yourself?  You’ll have little time to focus on other urgent critical activities within your business.

Feeling stuck because you’re too tied up to be productive? Hiring an administrative assistant sets you free. It also allows you to hire a candidate who has in-depth administrative experience. They’ll bring order and efficiency into your business by streamlining administrative operations and processes.

What Is an Administrative Assistant and What Is Their Role?

An administrative assistant can be a team assistant, receptionist, specialist administrator or social media specialist. It’s someone whose role is to bring ease to planning, organising, streamlining and bringing cohesion to your team.

An administrative assistant’s role can vary depending on your expectations and their experience.

Some of the typical administrative assistant responsibilities may include:

  • Data entry, creating reports and developing presentations
  • Managing paperwork and creating an e-filing system
  • Managing your calendars, booking appointments, and scheduling meetings
  • Making travel arrangements for the team
  • Coordinating with other staff to ensure they’re facilitated to perform their roles
  • Conducting research and creating marketing content
  • Answering calls and responding to emails, keeping a database up to date
  • Assisting customers and visitors
  • Distributing memos, reports etc.
  • Bookkeeping

Have you decided to hire an administrative assistant? Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Clarify Your Expectations in the Job Description

Administrative functions may be similar across companies; however, your business is unique. Create a list of duties you expect your administrative assistant to perform. Then, specify the skills and qualifications required for the position.

A Bachelor’s degree is a common requirement for Administrative assistant roles. You may also wish your candidates to have specific values and soft skills. By specifying values, you can ensure your candidate fits your company’s culture and ethos.

Research Administrative Assistant Salary

Before you post your advertisement, research the prevailing administrative assistant salary ranges.  Administrative assistants are in high demand due to a changing workforce, hence you should have a clear picture of what you’re willing to pay for each level of experience.

Currently, salary negotiation power is with the job seekers, due to a candidate short workforce, hence it is imperative you’re not underpaying (refer to the current Awards) or you are not competitive, and will miss out on top talent, that’s why you need to be aware of current salary trends.

Write a Clear Job Post

Your goal is to attract the best candidates whilst weeding out those who don’t fit the criteria. You may receive many applications; however, a clear job description is the first step to eliminating incorrect candidates applying for your role.

Administrative positions usually demand candidates who are multi-skilled.  A candidate may also be required to have excellent customer service skills in conjunction with great administrative skills.

Advertise the Post on Credible Websites

If you’re handling the hiring process yourself, no doubt you will post on popular job boards and social media platforms and may attract a large pool of candidates, many of whom are not suitably screened or verified.  The safest and quickest way to hire staff is to utilise a professional recruitment agency, as they have expertise and insight to expedite the recruitment process within a short timeframe.

WellsGray will help you find vetted leading talent for your business. This will help you avoid hiring the wrong candidates and will save an enormous amount of time perusing hundreds of CVs.

Ask For Referrals

Your business network may connect you with quality referral administrative candidates. In addition to advertising, you may ask business colleagues for potential reliable recommendations. Using referrals to secure staff can save you time and money on advertising and the candidate may have a proven background and is tried and tested.

Prioritize the Best Resumes

You will attract more quality and qualified candidates if you curate an excellent and relevant job post.  Recruitment agencies have the skill and expertise to not only compose job posts however to also scan CV’s within minutes, picking up quickly on inconsistencies and blaring inconsistencies quickly.

An interview process ultimately should lead to a shortlist to invite to interview between 3 – 5 suitably qualified candidates, again this is a timely exercise if you do not have the know-how or expertise in criteria selection.

Conduct Interviews Like a Professional Recruiter

The interview is your opportunity to establish whether the applicant has the skills, confidence, attitude, core skills, presentation, and core values in line with your business. You can also assess candidates by conducting skills and aptitude testing, eg. computer skills, speed, analytical and writing tone and thinking patterns.

Conduct real-time video interviews for virtual and remote workers, asking prepared situational questions and it is imperative to conduct in-depth one on one conversations with potential employees.

Find the Perfect Administrative Assistant Without the Lengthy Hiring Process

Staying committed to the hiring process to find the right administrative assistant can be tedious. It will take time, resources, and there’s a likelihood of choosing the wrong candidate. However, following a solid procedure can help to avoid bad experiences.

If you have decided you require assistance in hiring a new staff member, it may be time to bring in experts to help you to expand the team. Trust professional recruiters to bring the perfect staff to your organisation.

WellsGray Recruitment has the hiring experience and expertise to ensure you hire quality candidates who are suitably qualified in a timely manner, avoiding costly mistakes.   We have been in the industry since 1998, so we understand the job and salary trends together with the skills to overcome potential hiring disasters.

We rely on our vast pool of loyal referral candidates to fill urgent recruitment needs in Melbourne. Count on us for temporary, contract, and permanent staffing solutions. Regardless of your industry, we will assist you to find a quality candidate for your organisation. Get in touch with our recruitment experts for your staffing needs.

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