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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Team Assistant

Team Assistant
Jill Wells

Team Assistants can be vital assets for many companies seeking assistance with administrative duties in order to shift their attention back to work-intensive and time-consuming projects.

However, many companies struggle to navigate the Team Assistant onboarding process due to uncertainty around the steps necessary to secure a suitable candidate.

If this is the current situation for your business, worry no more. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you understand the hiring process for a Team Assistant, from choosing the best candidate to navigating the onboarding process. Keep reading to find the necessary tools and knowledge in choosing the perfect Team Assistant for your organisation.

Defining the Role

Before finding the right Team Assistant, you need to acknowledge the ins and outs of this role. A Team Assistant is an employee who provides crucial support by assisting with administrative tasks, freeing up both yourself and the team to focus on major projects. Menial, time-consuming tasks often deter from the organisation’s ultimate goal. 

A Team Assistant can take off some of this weight off your shoulders and can assist with some of the following tasks:

  • Scheduling and confirming appointments
  • Orchestrating business events and making necessary reservations
  • Coordinating team meetings
  • Communicating deadlines among team members
  • Booking travel arrangements for business trips
  • Managing record-keeping and documentation processes
  • Tracking a project’s budget to stay on track
  • Preparing business agendas and itineraries
  • Assisting with payroll
  • Helping with routine auditing procedures
  • Retaining effective communication among team members
  • Sorting through emails, documentation, and electronic files
  • Data and project management
  • Managing inventory
  • Recording and transcribing meeting notes

The Qualities of a Good Team Assistant

Team Assistants should have specific qualities that contribute to becoming a productive and positive addition to your team.  Consider the following qualities during the hiring process for your next Team Assistant:

  • Excels in written and verbal communication
  • Ability to prioritise and multitask
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organisational skills
  • Positive and motivated attitude
  • Confident in their abilities
  • Focused on getting the job done
  • Ability to remain calm and level-headed under workplace pressure
  • Accountable
  • Strategic thinking
  • Diplomatic
  • Ability to anticipate your needs

What is the Hiring Process for a Team Assistant?

Team Assistants are undoubtedly a massive contributor to a company’s overall success. If you’re looking for the best Team Assistant, follow the hiring process as outlined in this section.

Identify Your Needs

Before you can create a job advertisement for a Team Assistant, you need to identify what your company requirements are right now. For example, do you need full-time support or a temporary person?  Is there a specific working background your Team Assistant must have to support your company adequately? Are there particular skills you’re looking for in a Team Assistant in order to be hired? Identifying your needs makes the hiring process much simpler and less hectic on your behalf, leading to better results in the long run.

Craft the Perfect Job Advertisement

Once you determine the essential traits you require for your  Team Assistant, you can draft the perfect job advertisement. Though this might seem stressful, you’ll only need a few details to make your description compelling and accurate to your company’s requirements.

Your Team Assistant job advertisement should provide a concise but comprehensive overview of the role and what is expected of candidates. Include a list of the core responsibilities the Team Assistant will be responsible for.   List a candidate’s required experience, such as a specific length of time working in your industry, a particular educational background, or other skills that candidates require to succeed in this role.

Don’t forget to include the salary range and any hiring benefits in your description if possible. Whilst it isn’t always necessary, including these details can make your job listing more attractive, leading to more applicants applying and increasing your chance of securing the best candidate for the position.

Conduct Interviews

Once you’ve posted your flawless job advertisement,  you’ll start receiving applications. You don’t need to interview every single applicant, however, select a decent handful of suitably qualified candidates who you feel may have the potential to bring expertise and experience to your existing team.

During the interview process, focus on engaging with candidates to understand their interest in your company and how they can apply their skill set and relevant experience to the job. Additionally, be prepared to answer in-depth questions about your business that a candidate may ask during the interview process.  The hiring process is a two-way street,  you want your company to be just as appealing to the candidate as they are to you, especially during a candidate short market.

Depending on how many candidates you interview, consider setting up a second interview for the top candidates. During a follow-up interview, you can delve deeper into the specifics of your company and the Team Assistant role, along with relevant job details like salary, benefits, expectations and time commitment.

Make the Final Offer

Once you’ve completed both rounds of interviewing, choose the candidate most suited to your company’s current needs and make them a final offer, once reference checks have been conducted.   The final offer should be presented in a written format and include all the relevant information the candidate requires in order for them to accept the position. For instance, your offer should always mention their  specific salary, annual benefits, performance reviews, and other perks  and benefits offered to the individual 

Remember qualified candidates aren’t always easy to recruit and your competitor will also be vying to find the best Team Assistant.  Ensure your offer is competitive, and never assume that a candidate isn’t receiving other offers. If the candidate accepts your offer, finalise the offer as quickly as possible.

How WellsGray Can Help

Many companies find they struggle with onboarding and the hiring process when trying to secure an excellent Team Assistant.   If you’re seeking a qualified candidate but need help navigating the hiring process for your next Team Assistant, the professionals at WellsGray Recruitment have you covered.

WellsGray Recruitment provides specialised Team Assistant recruiting services for businesses seeking the best talent available. WellsGray Recruitment offers access to a network of Team Assistants who are highly skilled and qualified.  Consider using our expert recruitment services, to ensure your team secures an outstanding Team Assistant.

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