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Top 10 Skills Your CV Can Benefit From

Jill Wells
For Candidates

In July 2021 Australia’s unemployment rate declined to 4.6%. This is considered full employment and means most people who want to work are finding jobs.

There has been much uncertainty due to the pandemic, however, now is the time to sharpen your CV as workers come out of lockdown and return to the office. Many employees are wondering what skills to list on their CV to make them stand out.

Read on to learn essential skills to list on a CV. Explore our soft skills list that is certain to put your CV to the top of the pile.

Hard and Soft Skills

Before diving into the top ten skills to put on your CV, it is important to define hard and soft skills. Hard skills are job-specific requirements that the employer is looking for.

The employer may require that applicants are proficient in mechanical engineering or can code in various languages. The vast majority of applicants for this position are going to possess these hard skills.

Soft skills are applicable to any job. They provide applicants with an opportunity to stand out.

Soft skills build on the foundational requirements of the job and show the employer how you can excel in the position. Continue reading for 10 soft job skills to highlight in your CV.

1. Data Analysis

Big data is one of the biggest trends in the business community. Corporations and small businesses alike are collecting data to make the best decisions for their company.

The ability to spot trends and interpret data is a desirable skill in the workforce. Proficiency with data collection software such as Microsoft Access and Excel are also important.

Some positions may consider data analysis as a hard skill. When it is not listed as a job requirement, you should certainly consider adding it as a soft skill.

2. Research Skills

There is so much information available on the internet today. However, a significant amount is not credible and should not be utilised in making business decisions.

Many companies are looking for an applicant who can credibly use a search engine. While most people can use Google, a smaller number can weed out sources that lack credibility or authority.

Instead, companies are looking for applicants that efficiently find quality information online. This type of information typically comes from government agencies, universities, or organisations with a longstanding reputation in their field. Knowing how to use a search engine to your benefit will make you a very resourceful tool within a company.

3. Verbal and Presentation Skills

Public speaking remains a valuable skill even in today’s increasingly virtual workforce. Some highly skilled workers can complete their job, but can they brief the information to stakeholders or Managers/Supervisors?

Therefore, verbal and presentation skills are also important. Employers are looking for applicants who can communicate effectively to internal and external stakeholders. This skill includes proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint and the ability to verbally communicate information.

4. Project Management

Many positions list project management as a hard skill. Nevertheless, adding project management as a soft skill, if not listed as a hard skill, shows your employer that you know how to execute.

Project management is all about completing tasks on time and under budget (when applicable. so be sure to mention examples when you have done this).

By showing potential employers you can complete tasks to a certain standard by using project management skills will surely make your CV stand out.

5. Strategic Thinking

There is not a manual for every scenario that happens at work. The best employees take information they acquire and strategically think about how to use it.

This includes creating plans and solving problems. A strategic thinker looks to the future and is always playing the long game. This is a soft skill that is advantageous to any position.

6. Computer Skills

Very few skills do not involve a computer in today’s job market.

Employers wish to verify you have the computer skills required to successfully perform the role.  Listing these skills on your CV eliminates one potential concern during your application review.

7. Software Proficiency

As computer skills grow in importance, software proficiency is moving in parallel. There are so many different software programs out there.

Employers want to know what software programs you are familiar with. For example, job applicants frequently list that they are proficient with Microsoft Office suite, however, it is a good idea to expand on this with specifics.

8. Client Relations

At the end of the day, business is still about forming relationships. Networking and creating positive relationships with clients is paramount.

This is how your company generates sales leads and retains existing customers. Many experts suggest adding specific examples to your CV demonstrating positive client relations. Perhaps you can add an achievement in which you opened and maintained a new account with a specific high-value client.

9. Active Listening

Some of the best employees are the ones who actively listen. Active listeners take direction and break it down with minimal questions or rework. This leads to the efficient completion of work and less confusion about what the tasking entails.

10. Dependability

Sometimes an employee looks great on paper, but they are not dependable. These types of employees are unpredictable and often do not complete tasks on time.

Your future employer wants to know whether they can depend on you or not. Are you going to take vacation time unexpectedly when there is a deadline to meet?

Employers do not want to find this information out the hard way. Instead, they rather want to see that you are dependable during the application process. Consider citing specific examples to prove it to them.

Top 10 Best Skills to Put on a CV

Now you are ready to put the finishing touches on your CV. The addition of soft skills on your CV is certain to elevate your application.
Soft skills such as software proficiency and positive client relations are certain to stand out. In the event of a virtual tie with an applicant, your soft skills may be the deciding factor. If you have more questions about the best skills to put on a CV, contact us today to speak with a specialist.

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